Self-Guest Post: Call For Stories!

Normally I reserve this blog for general ranting and raving about the things I'm reading. But I'm making a guest post on my own blog to blatantly break my own rules and post a call for interviews on a few subjects I'm currently working on for the CrossFit Journal. If you're a CrossFit affiliate owner, coach or athlete who has something to say about any of the below, shoot me an email at brsaline(AT)gmail(DOT)com

1. Membership contracts (paying for more than a month at a time up front): Yea or nay? 

2. Membership levels that include 1 or 2-time per week levels: Yea or nay? (Can you really improve fitness by training just one or two times per week?) 

3. Client retention strategies: I want to hear about your more technical analytical strategies: things that go beyond just offering a great product, like database manipulation, email follow-ups or newsletter strategies, and other business techniques for keeping clients at your gym. 

4. The Prodigal Son/Daughter: Do you have someone who left your gym (due to family illness, job loss, finances, giving up, etc—anything except injury) for awhile but who eventually returned? I want to tell their story. 

5. Do you totally geek out about the physics of the tire flip, how much time a 400-m run with a turnaround adds to a score or how humidity affects the friction of a sled pull? Let's chat.