To be human is to have a story.

Everyone has a story to tell—and from feature stories, character profiles, business articles, essays, researched pieces and more, I’m here to tell it.


It’s not enough to offer a good product or service: You need a compelling story, and you need to write about what you offer in a way that engages and motivates your audience.

You might be the best gym owner/chef/financial advisor/bookseller/barista/______ this side of the Mississippi, but if you can’t consistently engage your audience in a meaningful way via your website, blog, social-media channels or e-newsletter, you’re limiting your potential.

You’ve got the stories. I can tell them.




Compound modifiers got you confounded? Dangling modifiers leaving you hanging? Is the passive voice ALWAYS off-limits?

Respect is earned with clean and concise copy. Whether you want a trained set of eyes on your website, blog post, newsletter, social-media post or sandwich board, I’m here to help.