All—erm—Some of the Stuff I Read and Never Posted About

So I've been working a lot and writing a lot and reading a lot and just generally a lot and now it's February and I'm like HOLY SHIT it's February and yes. 

So I'll give a brief summary. This fall/winter I got into teen fiction—don't knock it because SOME of it is very, very good. Here are three examples you should go and read right now: 

The Grisha Trilogy

Six of Crows

The Crooked Kingdom 

^All of the above by Leigh Bardugo 


The Chaos Waking trilogy by Patrick Ness


This collection of "short fictions and disturbances" is a treat. Just read it. 

From Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman

"You see, it's almost impossible not to invent the flying car, as soon as you've invented the Lumenbubble. So eventually I had to uninvent them too. And I miss the individual Lumenbubble: a massless portable light source that floated half a meter above your head and went on when you wanted it to. Such a wonderful invention. Still, no use crying over unspilt milk, and you can't mend an omelette without unbreaking a few eggs."